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Solar Directional Arrow

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General Specification

  1. F. R. P. Single Mold Cabinet With inbuilt P. V. panel and pole fitting.
  2. Water resistant LED with P. C. magnifier cap fitted on ACP Board.
  3. The direction of Arrow can be change left to right and Vise versa.
  4. 117 No. of High glow LED�s adjust in three arrows.
  5. Scrolling @ of 50 to 60 scroll per second.
  6. 2 Nos. 6 V X 4.5 Ah. Powerful battery with one year warranty.
  7. 360* Rotation of board.
  8. 4.5 W inbuilt photovoltaic panels.
  9. Solar Charge control and Deep Discharge Indicator.
  10. 72 hours backup on full charged battery.
  11. Dusk to Down operation.
  12. Available in Red and Amber Color.
  13. Dimension 900mm X 600mm X 75mm